Lvl 50 Advance

I purchased Lvl 50 advance on my account last Thursday. I have sent email after email and no response.... HELP!!!

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    Usually handled within a day.

    No one at CS mail friday-sunday

    Support your game. Head over to the BSN-store:
    Pirates of the Burning Sea Store
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    Ahoy @Dyark26

    there is an issue with the level 50 tokens at the moment. The issue lies within one of the customer service tools they use to do this process.

    ⬆️ **Level 50 Advances** are experiencing an issue, and **there will be several days' delay in servicing them**. Please note this is not related to our future plans to automate these Advances, but rather is being caused by problems with an internal tool utilized by Customer Support in the current method of processing Advances. We are in the middle of a hardware refresh, but will be turning our attention to resolving the issue as soon as that is complete.


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