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Hello, everyone! I know I am late to the party, but as the new kid on the block, I have a lot of questions about how certain things work. So I am hoping that some of the more experienced people are able to give me a helping hand in learning some of the ropes.

1) Customs Sails and Flags - I saw in the AH that there is a guy selling "custom sails and flags", but when I look, he has nothing for sale. Is this a broken feature, or is there something else at work?

2) Economy - Is there any point working on economy when you are a new player? And if so, what's good to build with only the default econ slots to work with?

3) Skill Selection - Better to buy full tracks for skills, or to pick up a wide variety of skills from different trees?

4) Outfittings - I notice that the AH has a real dearth of outfittings for small ships. Any idea as to where I can find them?

5) Red Zones - Is there any safe way for newbies to play in the bubbles?

6) Spawn Areas - Is there any way to learn where ships of a given model tend to spawn, assuming for a second that they are a model CAPABLE of spawning?

Thanks so much in advance for any tips or tricks you can share! :)

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  • Captain MohagCaptain Mohag (Helmsmen)
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    1) that guy refers to an old NPC when we could submit our own sail and flag designs. Up until recently the feature to display them was broken, but is now fixed, so you may well see some interesting patterns sailing aroound. at this time we cant submit new designs, but hoping that feature gets restored soon. ( i can help with design specs for this if needed, when it gets fixed ) Until then the only way to dispaly custom patterns is to get one from an existing player.

    2) Econ is very easy now, there is NPC sellers in the Auction House, and across the map they sell most things you could use for your basic econ.

    3) you need gumworm for this, it is a skill planner site for this purpose

    4) Whitby usually has a stock for small ships.

    5) you cant get hit if you are solo, and the person trying to club you is more than 20 levels above you. so you are mostly safe up to about level 30. but if in doubt, hit an npc ( not of the same nation thats trying to kill you, or they can jump in )

    6) not really, but there are certain locations for certain ships, depending on what you are after.

    The Reapers


  • Thanks so much for all of this, Mohag! There's so much for a new player to learn; this will give me a good leg up on everything that I need to do as I continue working through my missions and reaching for level 50.

  • Captain MohagCaptain Mohag (Helmsmen)

    the learning curve is steep, and frankly very boring, grindy and repetetive. but stick at it, use the wiki to check for PVP missions ( just cos you get good skills, not just for pvp purposes ) and carry on running your career chain.

    The Reapers
  • Not so boring if played as the game was intended. I remember leveling my first character entirely through missions. It took several months, but I enjoyed the ride and didn't worry about getting to 50 as fast as possible. There were lots of players, and it was always easy to get a group. My Soc also had several helpful players who were always up for missions. I remember getting my first Posti and MC Stral was fun.

  • Honestly, I think that the missions are what MAKE the PvE element of this game. I think that anyone who has ever written a "bring 20 bear asses to Dimwit McGoofington in Doucheville" quest on one of the other MMOs out there needs to spend just a few hours playing this game; it's the only one I have ever played where even the PvE content actually felt fun and engaging to me. Can't wait to be well situated enough to get involved in PvP, but I still have a long way to go, there.

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