Antigua Server Roll Back Award

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From the Official Discord Channel today:


The much-awaited Reward for the one-week Rollback of Antigua is finally here!

To recap the situation, earlier this month there was a database issue that required the Antigua Server to be "rolled back" a week in time. This meant that people who had lost ships in that time magically regained them. It also meant that people who had made new Captains and leveled them up lost some (or all) of those levels -- and even, in a few cases, the entire Captain.

This was very much a unique situation in the history of PotBS. It did not affect all players, but rather only the players on Antigua who were active during the affected week.

All previous Rollbacks had affected all players (and all accounts) on all servers. This was the first time that the game had a limited number of affected accounts specific to a single server... which presented a challenge in providing appropriate compensation. Not all accounts were affected equally; manually digging in, researching and addressing lost progress on each account for the over 1,500 accounts that were affected was simply not feasible.

What's more, although we announced our intention to release rewards to the affected players on Antigua immediately in the wake of the incident, there were no systems to judiciously award items to that select fraction of the population -- and so we had to develop them.

I am pleased to say that we have completed the engineering tasks required to distribute compensation rewards to those accounts affected by the Rollback of the Antigua server. We are now ready to announce and distribute those rewards.

To qualify for the reward, your account must have logged in between January 30th, 2020 and February 7th, 2020 on the Antigua server. Accounts that do not meet this requirement were not affected by the Rollback, and will not receive rewards.

Each account affected should receive the following items upon their next login:

1 x Sparrow Ketch

5 x 1-Hour Loot Bonus Books

5 x 1-Hour Faction Bonus Books

5 x 1-Hour Doubloon Bonus Books

The Loot, Faction and Doubloon Bonus Books should appear in the personal inventory of the first character to log in to the account. The Sparrow Ketch should appear in the character's Ship Hold inventory.

We believe that this reward compensation package will help players who have been waiting to begin leveling again or continue with their leveling from where ever they are in their progression at this time.

The Bonus Books were selected for one hour increments to allow their use to be tailored to longer or shorter game play sessions and the Sparrow Ketch is a unique Level 1 ship that is much more powerful in the earlier levels of the game to assist with speeding that advancement forward. The ship can also be used by all factions and careers.

The rewards have been issued and should now already be waiting in the Accounts of all Captains who were affected.

Should players with accounts affected by the roll back on the Antigua server not receive their rewards, please contact customer service at and we will investigate the issue.

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