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All servers are currently offline due to an infrastructure issue that occurred during the night. We are still in the investigation/repair stages of resolving the issue and it is estimated that it will take a few more hours of work before we will be able to bring the servers back online. We apologize for the inconvenience and will update this post when more information is available regarding the game servers.


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    The following message was posted recently by Darrell on the official Discord channel regarding server status:

    Although team members sprang into action at 4 AM today and it has been an all-hands-on-deck situation the whole day, we are now nearing midnight Pacific and the work involved still not yet finished. It seems that we will need to stop soon and resume tomorrow, to finish getting the Servers back online. Apologies to those who have just joined us here on Discord, including some old veteran Captains looking to spring back into action on the Burning Sea. We are continuing to work on the issue, and expect to have both servers back online sometime tomorrow. We will continue to post announcements here, the Forums and also on the Captain's Log site as the work progresses. Thank you for your patience.

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    We have reopened the Roberts server as it has passed testing and appears ready for service. The Antigua server however will still require more work before we can bring it back online. If you experience any issues on the Roberts server please let customer service know by contacting us at We will provide more information regarding the Antigua server as soon as we have more information available.

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    The following update was just provided by Darrell on the official Discord server:

    Update: Roberts went back online earlier today, but Antigua has remained offline, in the wake of a major Database Server failure. This is about to change. Antigua will soon reopen.

    All day yesterday, from morning until night, was spent working on the game's five Database Servers, setting up new Servers, performing upgrades, changes and repairs.

    Roberts has been restored to full functionality, which is why it was brought back online first.

    However, due to issues on Antigua that began being introduced as part of the overall failure, it has taken longer — at this point, we are ready to bring it back online, but need to perform a "rollback", in which we are going to revert the Game to an earlier data set.

    What is a rollback, you might be asking? Anything that happened on Antigua during the intervening period (Characters Created, Levels Gained, Victories, Losses, etc) is lost in a Rollback.

    This is something that has only happened once or twice in the history of PotBS, and so we did everything we possibly could to avoid it -- but at this point, it seems to be the only proper solution in the face of the Database issues that were experienced.

    Antigua will be rolled back to January 30th, and so a week will be lost.

    We are planning on offering a slate of rewards to compensate Captains for this major inconvenience.

    The scope of these Rewards will be announced soon, and distributed out to Antigua Captains on a per-account basis.

    More news after Antigua is back online.

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    The Antigua server has been reopened and is now available for service.

    As mentioned in Darrell's last announcement regarding the Antigua server's roll back there are a few things players should be aware of:

    - Accounts created during the period rolled back will still have valid credentials and should be able to log in without issue. 

    - Characters created on the Antigua server during the rolled back period will no longer exist and would need to be recreated.

    - Active nation selections may need to be reselected if a selection was made during the rolled back period. This is important to note as should the active nation not be set on an account logging in, the account will be set to the first nation selected. As the roll back puts the Antigua server into the cease fire state players should be able to correct their active nation status if not correct without customer service assistance by selecting a new nation. This option will only be available as long as the server is in the cease fire state.

    - Burning Sea Notes purchased during the roll back period should be delivered automatically to the account they were originally ordered for. It should be noted they will be delivered to the first character to log in for that account on the Antigua server so you may wish to login with the character you want the Notes delivered to if you placed an order for Notes during the rolled back period. If you are expecting Notes to be delivered and do not receive them please contact customer service at Please include your purchase receipt information with your inquiry as this will accelerate our ability to resolve any problem transaction.

    - We are expecting higher than usual customer service requests over the next few days. Customer service delays may result if volumes become high enough. We will endeavor to work through the customer service requests as quickly as we can.

    We want to thank everyone for their patience and understanding as we work through this issue and its continued resolution. We will update the community of Antigua captains regarding appreciation rewards as soon as more information is available.

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