Searching for Testers regarding Out of Memory Errors

Ahoy all. I may potentially have a fix for the “Out if Memory Error” however I’m not confident to release it just yet as it’s only worked on my system. I’m looking for more people in the community to “try” this out.

I’m only looking for about 3 other members from the community for now just to test if this works for them also.

It is has been scanned by Norton Security, AVG, McAfee, Windows Defender and Malwarebytes, and have come back negative on malware and viruses (Aka it’s clean)

Just to tempt more, I have been able to run PotBS on the highest texture settings as well as additional graphical settings increased. So if you want to see the game in all of its glory then this might be your chance.

PM me for more information or to opt in and help test it. It’s completely free!

Message me results on here or the forums.


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