Halloween Trick or Treat?

FodderboyFodderboy (Forum Administrator)

In the wee hours of the night on All Hallow's Eve

The developers searched to end a long player peeve

In recorded old tomes of near forgotton code

Were visages lost of the once brave and bold

Standards that stood high as sails reached

When tragedy struck to find themselves beached

No more to be seen players cried their lament

Oh where, oh where, is our user content?

All Hallow's being filled with spirits long past

Guided developers to where visages were seen last

Where the spirits had lead was a long lost spell

To restore old connections and make it all well

Incantations were chanted and a new deal was stuck

As changes were made and they prayed for some luck

With test after test until their energy was spent

The blessings of the spirits restored user content!

It's not a trick and we hope you all will find it a treat. We are happy to announce that user content should now be working in game again! We won't have the ability to submit new flags and sails for a while as development on this system continues. We hope you all enjoy the restoration of this long awaited system and please report any issues you might experience regarding this restoration to customer service at customerservice@portalusgames.com. Happy Halloween everyone!


  • If you have been using the UserContent pack you might have made changes to your pirates_local.ini - if so - don't forget to remove:



    Otherwise you will not get the newly restored content.

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