Server Outage

FodderboyFodderboy (Forum Administrator)

We will need to take the servers offline this evening October 19, 2019 at 10:30pm Pacific Time (1:30am Eastern/6:30am GMT/9:30am MSK on October 20, 2019) to implement some server stability improvements and testing. The expected down time is approximately one hour. This post will be updated should the outage require extension or when the server work is complete.


  • FodderboyFodderboy (Forum Administrator)

    One of the system processes has exceeded its estimated completion time and we will have to extend this maintenance period. The process has not encountered any issues beyond exceeding its time estimates. We are not certain how much longer the process will take and we will need to complete a few tests once it does before we can reopen the servers. We are sorry this process is taking longer than expected and will update this post when we have additional information.

  • FodderboyFodderboy (Forum Administrator)

    The upgrading process that exceeded its estimated time to complete is still running at this time. Given the number of hours this process has exceeded our expectations it is possible the process may take several more hours to complete. We apologize for the inaccuracy of our estimates. The process in work cannot be postponed as it is critical to future work and improved server stability and performance. Further updates on progress completing this upgrade will be provided as more information becomes available.

  • FodderboyFodderboy (Forum Administrator)

    We would like to thank everyone for their patience as we worked through our upgrade issues. The upgrade maintenance is now complete. All servers should be available for service.

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