unable to download game (Bitraider reports ' may contain malicious software)

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Hi I am an ols player that has a new computer windows 10 and I have been trying to download the game for a couple of days now without succes the instaler will not load as it says it may contain malicious software.

I have found jacks external download of game file anyone know if it will open up to play game or help in any other way to re install the game

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  • ok thank you kasper downloading now arrrr harrrr


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    Welcome back in these here waters, Captain :-)


    Info gathered from 10 reports (like this thread) show:
    4 in the UK - split on 2 providers
    6 in the US
    3 in one state all using a third provider.
    3 in a second state all using a fourth provider.
    (I assume that there are more than one provider in each state to chose from)
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  • Nope still not getting it downloaded jacks file and can't open it with winzip

    must be doing something wrong maybe try again to morrow if anyone else can suggest a way to download the game it is welscome

  • Well I managed to extract and then load the physix driver and opened game

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