Engineers (Programmers)

FodderboyFodderboy (Forum Administrator)

As some folks may have seen in social media, earlier this morning we had our first meeting of the Vision PotBS engineering team. This meeting was an introductory meeting where the majority of us were meeting for the first time with a primary agenda of establishing our project management structure and setting up our internal communication channels. There is little to report from this meeting as all the action items from the meeting involve internal project management structure and setting up access for the members of the development team. Our next meeting date will be established after the action items from this initial meeting are complete.

I'd like to thank everyone that has been supporting the game and helping it reach this point. While engineering will need some time to decipher the undocumented components of the game engine before being able to enact real tangible changes to the game and subsequent Legacy server the first development step in that direction has been taken. I will provide additional updates regarding development progress when new information is available.

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