Maarhaven, El Dorado Missions

I'll preface this by stating that I have indeed found the El Dorado mission line. The mission line is capped at Celebrated reputation with the Dutch West India Company, and unlocked by completing all missions in Oranjestad that grant reputation for the company. That said, I have only found two missions in the mission chain, both offered by Hugh Hendricks, in the mission notes he mentions a location known as Maarhaven. Upon searching the wiki, you can find patch notes that list Maarhaven early in the game's development as having received a sound update, which conclusively proves the area exists as a world space in game. This leads me to believe that there are additional missions, as the way the mission is written seems to have ended rather abruptly. I am currently unable to find additional missions in the mission line, and I believe that at some point in the mission line the player is to visit Maarhaven, lest it wouldn't exist in game. Any assistance towards finding this worldspace in game would be appreciated. Thus far I have a few ideas as to possible reasons why the mission stops abruptly.

Despite being of Celebrated reputation with the Dutch, it is possible the mission is gated by a reputation number, and therefor it would require some reputation grinding.

It is possible that the mission is gated by another Dutch NPC elsewhere in the game. The only other Dutch ports are as follows: Bonaire (Quarantine), La Garza (Somerset), and Grand Turk (Story Missions).

It is also possible that the mission is gated by the group mission available in the Company Office in Oranjestad which is offered at Celebrated reputation. That said, I have played these missions on the Test Server, and finding out on this case is rather difficult, as gathering a group of players is hard enough on Roberts, let alone the Test Server.

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    The Lost City of Gold El Dorado. Needs The philosophers Stone to be able to Start the Mission. Just follow the video link for details.

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    Tried doing the Philosopher's Stone story missions, it didn't unlock anything with Hughe Hendricks. I also tried getting reputation points with the Dutch up to 5000, and doing the group mission 'Smash and Grab' neither of these unlocked the mission. The mission does exist, because patch notes mentions Maarhaven, which is also mentioned in the El Dorado mission text. Either the mission is unlocked elsewhere, or the requirements to continue the mission line has not yet been met.

    EDIT: It may be possible that The Ruins is required to unlock it, as Dutch thugs come after the player after it is completed.

  • Completing the mission line for 'The Ruins' does not unlock any more missions from Hughe Hendricks. I believe Maarhaven does exist in the game, with the patch notes as evidence, although I do not know how to access the rest of the mission line. I believe that in order to progress any further I will require assistance from a developer, or someone with the ability to view the game's files with anything related to 'Maarhaven.'

  • I'm a bit curious to this as well. I'm unsure if a GM has replied back to you or not, but the Magistrate at Oranjestad does mention "El Dorado" in one of his replies. A handful of reputations have been mentioned inside the line as well, such as Conferie Libre, and Brethren of the coast.

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  • To jump on another post, i started the line, i'll see where i takes me.

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