Forum Update and Maintenance 2019/07/14

Forum have just been updated and maintenance finished.

The new Rich Editor, as described yesterday, is now active.

Saved drafts of posts are now stored client-side(on your pc) not in forum database

It is adviced to clear(save info elsewhere if needed) any drafts you might have - as they will be cleared from forum database in the near future.

You can find your drafts here:

Additional features added:


Advanced search is a cloud-hosted feature but the Vanilla Community have just finished a search filter feature - that feature is now added.


(Search filters are only available after searching)

Home Page (forum loading page/first shown page)

Some time ago the home/landing page was changed from /discussions (showing recent duscussions) to /categories (showing category view) - the change was done to give newcomers a better view of the forum.

In Vanilla Forum land the same change, for the same reason, was done recently - I immediately suggested to update an old feature(made for older forum version and does not work with the never versions).

A new addon for that feature have just been made available by a Vanilla developer.

Feature now added here.

The feature lets each profile set which page is loading when coming to the forum (I assume most like the /discussions-view)

You can change it here:

Smaller adjustments:

Hover effect have been added to the new link buttons (top right in desktop mode)

(the old link button, in the nav bar at the top, was still present in dekstop mode - have now been removed)

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