The Espadon Sloop-of-War - How do you get one?

I've had several shipwrights tell me they weren't sure how to build one or what the required recipe is. Wiki doesn't give any indication of how it's obtained. F1 menu doesn't show a recipe for it, but I can see it's ingame because past sales show up on the AH. It doesn't appear to be a class-specific ship or a refit.

I'm sure it's one of those obscure ships that isn't worth the effort to obtain but I want a Van Hoorn with a 12 pound gundeck...

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    they cant be built. You need to hunt Swampcat Pirates ( 4 packs ) (( try near cabo raphael)) and maybe one will drop a mission, from named NPC only. I cant remember the name of the mission, i think its monstre mash, and its in the far west of the map port.
    Its a simple enough mission, and you get an espadon deed.

    BUT you can only do the mission ONCE. After that time you can then buy an espadon deed from TA, once the mission is complete. You can also trade the missions in AH, and trade the ship deeds if anyone else has one they are willing to get rid of.
    The Reapers


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