Introducing Khatie!

FodderboyFodderboy (Forum Administrator)
I'd like to welcome Khatie to the forum and hope everyone will join me in doing so.  Khatie is the marketing manager for PotBS for Vision and would be the best person to answer your questions regarding the marketing campaign for PotBS as well as many other questions I'm sure.  I'm also sure she will have questions for the community as well so welcome aboard Khatie!


  • KhatieKhatie [Vision Marketing]
    Ahoy everyone! I'm so happy to be here. Thanks for the intro, F-boy! I'm looking forward to your questions and I ask that you be patient if I don't answer right away. I'm beginning the ad campaign early next week after spending the last couple of weeks getting to know the game, the community and the market better. You may see some new faces in the game so please be your usual warm, welcoming selves. Thanks so much for keeping this game afloat! 

    I promise to try to keep the pirate metaphors to a minimum... there are just so many great ones. :)
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