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Returning player OOM crashes

Hey all. I am a returning player and I have been having out of memory crashes... a LOT. This usually happens during zone transitions but not necessarily. 

I am on an newer HP laptop with a I5 and an AMD 530, plenty of ram etc windows 10. I am not on the best WiFi so I get a little lag but it isn't terrible.

I never had this problem on any of the machines I have played this game on over the years and I have a hard time believing it is my hardware as I can run a heavily modded Skyrim without issue.

I have numerous .dmp files if those would help

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Try reducing some graphical settings. That usually does the trick.

    If not, let us know :)

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  • I've had a couple, doesn't bother me often tho, maybe once in 6 hours played. 
    And yeah usually whilst transitioning into a city.

    To be fair I have everything on max, so I'm probably asking for it too xD
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  • KasparKKasparK (Forum Administrator)
    Take a look the "Texture Resolution" suggeatuon here:
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  • ..i have a brand new gaming laptop ..whether settings are high, med or low i can expect a crash ery 4-6 hrs ..old all-in-one pc no probs ..go figure
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  • Jack York said:
    ..i have a brand new gaming laptop ..whether settings are high, med or low i can expect a crash ery 4-6 hrs ..old all-in-one pc no probs ..go figure
    Have this issue constantly...6 year old laptop game plays fine...brand new gaming computer - memory crashes constantly
  • I've had this error in the past and solved it using this

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