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Can’t launch game.

Played this game when it first came out, thought I would join again to help maintain it. Downloaded the game, played it for about 20 minutes then it exited unexpectedly. Upon relaunching I get a frozen blue cursor wheel and my computer freezes causing me to manually shutdown computer.

I have uninsalled the game 2 times with same result.
I have run the game as an administrator, same results. Can’t for the life of me figure this out!

Would love to contribute money by buying Notes, but can’t even play the game to do so!

Computer far exceeds minimum requirement, can play any triple A game with exceptional fps and graphics, shouldn’t be having this issue.

Please help!

God speed!

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  • Accepted Answer

    Thank you for your quick response. I downloaded your file from google drive and it worked!

    You may want to post a link to that file on this thread

    Burning Sea Notes purchased! You should see my hefty little contribution!

    Thanks again!


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