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I have looked for a guild tab or society tab and so far haven't found one. Can anyone tell me how to go about shopping or joining a society? please m and thank you

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    You need to be invited by another player that is in a society and has the rights to invite you.
    Whenever someone invites you, there is a pop up message that allows you to join or decline the invitation to join the society.

    You can also start your own society. This can be purchased with Burning Sea Points (BSP), which can be aquired by using Burning Sea Notes (BSN). BSN can either be bought with real money or from the Auction house.

    Hope this helps!
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    Hello there, you can often find Society Messages in Port Messages of the Day, however you can always ask if anyone is recruiting in your nation chat and someone should point you in the right direction or even invite you to a society.
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