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As a Cutthroat Pirate, What is the best ship to start with?

I would like to know after the first ship given to you through the tutorial, what would be the best ship after that to use in your life as a pirate. I know I won't be able to get a first class ship because I think that's British only but the first couple helpful and handy ships after the first to take command of would be cool to know, so I can keep an eye peeled for them.

Best Answers

  • Jack O'ConnerJack O'Conner (Forum Moderator)
    Accepted Answer
    You should be fine with the starter ship. :) From level 5 you could get a Dolphin Ketch :)
  • Jack O'ConnerJack O'Conner (Forum Moderator)
    Accepted Answer
    If you complete the missions (assuming you are Pirate) If you finish the missions in Marsh Harbor, you should reach level 10-12. To buy a ship, you simply go to the shop and speak to the Auctioneer (Standing on a box) or simply ask out in nation.


  • Jack O'ConnerJack O'Conner (Forum Moderator)
    This depends on what you prefer. Also depends what level you're looking at.

    Personally I've always gone through the following;

    Van Hoorn Snow - Lvl 12 - This should see you through to around Level 20.
    Postillionen Frigate or Van Hoorn Mastercraft - Lvl 20 This can been seen through to 25
    Stralsund Frigate - Lvl 25 This should ideally go through to level 33.
    Stralsund Mastercraft - Lvl 33 this should see you through to 40
    Minerva Frigate - Lvl 40 should see you through to 50.
  • Ok but i"m like level 3 and haven't "taken'' my first ship yet and want to get to level up
  • Dolphin Ketch is a pretty ship
  • You should be fine with the starter ship. :) From level 5 you could get a Dolphin Ketch :)

    And where would I usually find them if I was looking for them?
  • You could either find them at an Auction House, to find the ships that you're able to use at your level just select ship deeds, and check the "valid items" marker, and then proceed in buying the ship, or you could hunt for them in the Open Sea, make sure you're the same level or more than that ship, board the Ship, if you succesully board the ship it becomes a derelict, you can use your Cutthroat ability to "Command the ship", basically taking the derelict ship for yourself. You won't be able to use that ability for some time but you'll have your free ship (with 1 durability), the ship you used before capturing the other ship goes safely to the closest harbor near you. So you'll have 2 ships.
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