Are the pirates the only class to take a ship???

If you choose another nation ( since the " take command " is a pirate skill ) how do you obtain a better ship besides buying it? Say you're in The nation of Britan ARE you awarded ships at levels ???

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    The Cutthroat has "Take Command" this is a 100% guarantee of getting the ship. Some ships cannot be caught at all since they cannot be captured, some of the ships are as follows;

    Victory First Rate

    All these newer ships are practically non capturable apart from the Adventure Frigate.

    The buccaneer has the skill "Scavenge" it has a chance to receive a Captured ship of that type, however the chances are very slim and not worth it if you want to get a Vengeance Frigate or a one of the Nationals Rates such as the Prince First Rate.

    Nationals such as Britain, Spain and French need to build their ships, buy them off the Auction House or ask for help with a certain ship. Nationals cannot sail any captured ships, they need the full deed.

    As per all nations when you sink all ships you will be awarded (Fallback) ships, highest level ship you get is at 25 I believe.
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    some missions reward you with ships, but most ships you will have to buy or build. If you lose all the duras in the only ship in your dockyard you will be given a fallback ship, suitable to the level you are, all the way till 25.


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