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Server Maintenance/Mardi Gras Content

FodderboyFodderboy (Forum Administrator)
We will be taking the servers offline for maintenance on March 4, 2019. Maintenance will begin at 10:30pm Pacific Time (1:30am Eastern/6:30am GMT/9:30am MSK on January 5, 2019). The expected down time for maintenance is approximately 40 minutes. During this maintenance period we will be activating our Mardi Gras content. This post will be updated when maintenance on both live servers is complete.


  • FodderboyFodderboy (Forum Administrator)
    We are currently unable to bring the servers back online due to an issue experienced with the login server. The maintenance team has been unable to resolve this issue and will need to wait for additional support to be available. In order to maintain the current game state we will need to leave the game servers offline until the login server is ready for testing. We apologize for this delay and will provide updates regarding the server status as soon as new information is available.
  • FodderboyFodderboy (Forum Administrator)
    The issue with the login server appears to be resolved and all servers should be available at this time. If players are experiencing issues with logins please report them to
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