Buccaneer vs Cutthroat

Hi All,

I'm curious what people consider the strengths and weakness of these two classes are?

Which one is considered best for Port Battles? OS PVP? and that sort of thing.

I have one of both, but just looking for veteran expertise, tips, opinions etc.


  • KasparKKasparK (Forum Administrator)
    Various from a quick search, I am sure someone more knowing on the matter will give a reply aswell.




    "Here is the PvP difference and simlarities between the 2 classes:
    -In 1v1 both classes use a spin and shoot gameplay which practically is just turning like crazy and shooting,this is due to both pirate classes having a lot of turn rate buffs and the ability to maintain their turn rate when losing crew(unlike NO or FT,PR doesnt lose turn also but he lacks turn rate buffs)
    -In group fights,both classes can play tbe 2 main group fight tactics,linefight(harder) and brawl(easier).Brawl is an extension of the turn and shoot tactic but in larger scale,for this to work you must have the win on your stern and the enemy on your nose,since nationals are not used with close quartes combat pirates have a big advantage with brawl.However if you do not have the wind required to go close range you will be forced to linefight.Pirates lack any good debuffs beyond 300 yards to make pirate linefight possible you will need 4 buccs and 2 CTs,CTs will use their secondary debuffs(500<)and have buccaneers use their high damage skills and their passive accuracy to dral a decent ammount of damage.Below 300 yards cutthrpats will use its most powerful debuff (cripple enemy) and with the combined firepower of the buccs,the target shod go down fast,if he doesnt then just get closer and prevent him escaping.
    -In 1v1:
    -Buccaneer relies on his high damage and high resistance.The scope is to survive as long as possible and outdamage ur opponent(and outturn ofc)
    -Cutthroat is a debuff class with less dmg skills than bucc however it has 3 debuffs which remove armor,structure resistance and a -50% turn rate debuff,the objective is to maximize your damage while the target is debuffed
    -In groups:
    -Buccaneer:You have the 2 long range debuffs however they are not as effective as cutthroats but will work well due to pirates having high dage.Buccs have group buffs that can improve your group members stat for a limited time
    -Cutthroat,in long range cutts are not effective,they start becoming useful at the range of 500 yards and below,and in close range ur main debuff will wreck havoc."


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