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Freetrader Provision Ally skill WTF ?

So i have NO , and FT im using both accounts on at the same time. Im in the same battle vs npc's.

Now the problem is maybe i dont know something or missing something can someone explain?

That shitty longboat sails around and around till it gets desrtoyed, Or i killed all npcs, my ship is still damaged, i target my NO with my FT provision ally skill it launches the longboat the longboat comes up to NO ship and basicly circles around, i even launched a second one still result the same , sailing around my NO ship and not repairing it . Waited for about 20-30 mins till my patience ran out.

Now i saw in pvp other FT used it and it worked so whats the catch ?


  • Make sure the you target boat is behind you and then sail the target boat into it
    The longboats are notoriously random in their manoeuvres
  • How to control the npc longboat u launched ?
  • I dont get it :(
  • Not the long boat
    The boat/player you have sent the long boat to repair

    Think of it like this you dropped something over board the person you have selected to receive it must be following you to pick it up
  • Basically, YOU choose its target ship, and it precariously meanders its way it that general direction. Ppl fire on it to stop the main target being healed. You cant control it once its launched, just dont even bother launching one if you are nowhere near the target, chances are it wont make it. But if it DOES get to its target, it can be a lifesaver
    Also while people are shooting at it, they are not shooting at you :P
    The Reapers

  • Ye but i was vs npc my NO ship was standing still and it was damaged, i launched the boat like 150-200 yards away and it kept circling around my NO ship and not healing it. As i said i even waited for like ~20mins standing still and the retarded longboat npc couldint heal my NO. And im askin how to make it work or its a useless skill.
  • you might have to click on it when its in range perhaps (with the ship that needs the healing) i dont know to be honest
    The Reapers
  • Tried that and nothing ........
  • for a "no risk" trial, try getting 2 others to skirm wtih you, one on your team, one on another, when they get damaged, taregt and launch. if it works, it works. it might also have requirements, ie x must have x% damage etc...
    The Reapers
  • Well i did vs NPC 8 patrolling, Launched 4 crafts with my FT . 1st got sunk 2nd abandoned lol literally longboat derelict.. launched 3rd and then defeated last npc , my NO ship was damaged id say everything was about 60-70% durability. So the 3rd sailed i stopped with my NO ship, then it circled my ship, i even moved slightly still nothing , launched 4th , efect was the same both running around my ally ship.
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