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Boarding actions

How exactly does enemy crew on a ship translate into waves during a boarding fight? I grape a crew down but they seem to have plenty of crew in the ensuing boarding action. Thanks in advance for any help!


  • Firstly it will depend on the ship
    A rate will start with a lot of crew even if you take their crew way down they will still end up having nearly as many waves as you or even more

    Assuming similar ships I rarely find the difference is more than 1 wave even after de-crewing

    Also you need to see what he other player is doing. If they hit a crew recovery skill or repair you might not se the result showing on their crew bar since it takes time to go up
    This means you might board with their crew showing less than yours but find that they have more waves than you when you get on the ship

  • That's kinda sad if true. Would be nice to actually see a difference in crew waves if you take the time to get their crew down.
  • There is a minimum wave number regardless of crew. I havent boarded in a while but i think its 3 waves on top of the first wave you start with. First rate got like 12 waves with full crew but will also be reduced to 3 if decimated enough.
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