Happy Anniversary Pirates of the Burning Sea!

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Today is a special day in the history of PotBS as the game celebrates its 11th birthday! This is an accomplishment that many online games never achieve and stands as testimony to the players and fans of the game that support it. I can safely say, speaking for myself and those who have worked with and on the game over its lifespan, you have our thanks and gratitude for the support you all have given the game and we hope to keep the ship sailing onward into its 12th year with your continued support.

It is a special day for PotBS beyond its achievements in longevity in that the burning question for everyone regarding the future of that 12th year for PotBS now has an answer - we know who the new operator for the game will be and it will be Vision Online Games!

Vision Online Games has provided the following introduction message for the players on this celebration day:


This Year marks the Eleventh (11th) Anniversary of Pirates, and what a year it has been!

As everyone knows from earlier announcements, Pirates was slated to be closed down in October of 2018. It was saved from that fate by the same company that has been hosting it all along -- Vision Online Games (https://www.VisionOnlineGames.com). Vision is based in Los Angeles, California. It's CEO is a senior software development executive from the game industry, with over 25 shipped titles to his name.

Vision has a plan to not only continue hosting Pirates moving forward, but to update its technology, steadily grow its population over time, fix outstanding issues and eventually to upgrade its graphics and add ever-more content to the game.

The first part of this plan kicked off at the end of October. During an extra-long scheduled down time of the game, Vision's engineers took over the game's infrastructure and replaced most of the servers upon which Pirates runs. In this "Technology Refresh", the number of Server Cores in each Game Server increased from 4 to 32. Faster Memory, More Memory, Faster Drives and other benefits (such as a 40 Gbps internal network and new Content Distribution Server for new-player client downloads) were put in place. Since then, Pirates has been running quite smoothly on its new equipment, and has been judged ready to move to the next stage.

Vision's plan moving forward consists of three key steps:

1. Advertise Pirates across Social Media

2. Increase the number of Daily Players

3. Add more Staff to the Pirates Team

Vision is aware that Pirates needs more GMs, Support Members, Programmers, Designers, Artists and a Live Operations team if it is going to continue to grow - - and live up to its true potential.

Several frank discussions were held back in October about these needs, in which the future of the game quite literally hung in the balance.

The outcome of these talks was that while Vision would put forward all of the equipment and manpower needed to modernize the game's infrastructure, the game would have to prove itself beyond those core costs. In other words, the budget for the marketing / advertising stages of the game's growth would have to derive from the game's revenue.

The plan is that as the marketing stage begins and more players join the game, the added revenue they generate will be plowed back not only into more marketing, but it will allow much-needed additional staff to join the Pirates team.

The transition process of moving the License and Operating Responsibilities from Portalus to Vision is still underway, but is expected to be completed soon. Once complete, the game's 2019-2020 Marketing Campaign will be planned out and kicked off. More news on that when it becomes available!

Vision will try to minimize the impact of the transition, will maintain all current player accounts, and is expected to be assuming control over the BurningSea.com domain, maintaining the Forums, etc. Until this process is complete, Support inquiries should continue being made using the same systems as are now in place (customerservice@portalusgames.com). However, any inquiries pertaining to the game outside of that scope should be addressed to the PotBS support email at Vision (pirates@VisionOnlineGames.com).

We will continue to keep you abreast of changes as they unfold and things settle back down.

In the meantime, Happy Anniversary! Let's all play, enjoy, and really make it happen out there!


For players who have had questions regarding whether or not their current accounts will be carried over from one operator to the next you now know that your current accounts will be continued with Vision Online Games. No migration will be necessary as Vision Online Games is already the game's host. Portalus Games will continue to provide customer service, administrative services and perform basic maintenance through the transition. Portalus Games will then continue with the original closure plans announced in September 2018 once the transition is complete.

Once again I want to thank everyone for supporting the game over the years and I hope that this announcement will bring some reason to celebrate this Anniversary for all. The good ship PotBS is about to embark on a new chapter in this 12th year of its life. May she be blessed with fair winds and clear skies as she sets sail upon new waters toward a brighter future!
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