Old player returning

I started way back in beta and played on the Blackbeard server before migrating to Roberts however I haven't played the game in many years. I have however returned to give it another go but my old characters are on emails which are nolonger active. Is there anyway for me to retrieve my old characters?



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    I would try to mailing customerservice@portalusgames.com with as much information as you possibly can.

    However, do NOT post any account name or anything of the like here, only write it to customerservice.
  • I've had the same email for ages, and I played at release, maybe even beta, but it let me register with the same email. Seems odd, unless you can register more than one account with the same email. I would have liked to recover my old account.
  • When the game transferred from SOE to Portulas they sent an email out stating that if you wanted your account transferred you needed to reply in X amount of time.

    While you can always ask, I'm not sure they'll be able to resurrect old accounts. I know when my son decided to start playing again after not replying to the email they weren't able to help him.
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