Buy orders?

Ok for a long time I've been filling buy orders at set prices. I do notice for instance selling barrel charcoal only yields 90 per unit on the buy order, but i see people selling for 350, which is what you buy them for from action house when purchasing, is there a trick what am i missing I'd like to make more money if possible.


  • Some people have lots of money and will pay the same or even higher than npc price you you list the item at a port that it is used in econ with and does not have an npc listing
  • Hello Mr. Bob5y2kooo! I may be able to assist you in-game. Antigua server and Kiefer Cain is my in-game name. If you are of a different nation, I can be found most often in Ruddy Cove AH. My advice is universal and objective. Though I guess I prefer a market economy so I will provide you with ideas and concepts that support that economy and reward you with a greater profit.

    So. See you in-game.
    I prefer being beaten on the open sea via old school ganking by players sailing, then being beaten by manipulation of mechanics and folks jumping from alt to alt and nation to nation.
  • Cool I'll be on soon, Ty guys.

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