[ISSUE SOLVED] 2.12 old version is downloaded

Hello ladies and gentlemen, Pirates and Nationalists. Apon the hardware change as of late, there has been some difficulties that myself and KasparK have looked into, mainly to be able to download the game from scratch.

So the issue is, when you download Pirates of the Burning Sea from www.burningsea.com/download, yes you'll download the full game but the download servers have been giving you Version 2.12. This is the incorrect version, the correct version is 2.15.

So without any further yacking, there will be a link to the Folder with all the contents you will need to download. All contents have been compressed to maximize download time.

The file is also hosted at Vision: https://cdn.visiononlinegames.com/potbs/client/

Download Link

  1. Click on the above link
  2. Download Both folders
  3. Copy and extract Pirates of the Burning Sea (Game) Folder to wherever you want to keep the game
  4. Copy and extract Pirates of the Burning Sea (Documents) Folder inside your documents folder
  5. Locate to where you extracted the Pirates of the Burning Sea (Game) Folder
  6. Locate the PotBS.exe
  7. Right click on PotBS.exe
  8. Create Shortcut (Send to Desktop)
  9. Run the game from the created shortcut and away you go!
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