Servers not showing at login screen (also UDP cannot be reached)

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The CDN (Content Delivery Network) for game installation and update delivery was changed on october 1st - a mismatch have happened with the files available.

As a result, when BitRaider is run(as it is for most when starting the game), the mismatch files are downloaded and you will experienced no servers shown at the login screen aswell as a message about UDP and TCP connection.

The mismatch issue is reported - untill it is corrected at the CDN, you can get to play like this:

Download a seperate set of game files!amw3EQhb!Y4ObNMXwD9dHp7ejWvSuzdVA_GZlEpqaC8Hy,wJRn5-8

Create a folder somewhere
Extract the files you downloaded to that newly created folder

Within that new folder - run potbs.exe directly from
Program Files (x86)\Pirates of the Burning Sea

(you will now have 2 sets of game files on your pc - one being in your regular installation location(folder), which for the time being is mismatched and another(folder), the new, which is not mismatched.

You can also right-click potbs.exe > Send To > Create shortcut(desktop) - now you can start potbs with that new shortcut (make sure you use the new shortcut instead of the old one already on your desktop).

For players who experienced this during their very first installation, you may need to manually install some of the dependencies, also provided withthe download
(I have not had time to test that scenario)

When it is reported that the mismatch issue is solved - you can copy the content from the newly downloaded Pirates of the Burning Sea folder and paste in to your regular installation folder - that whay you do not need to have the regular BitRaider launcher redownload the game data set again.
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