Login with game account / SSO - restored

KasparKKasparK (Forum Administrator)
There are now two options for login to the forum.

The regular "Sign In"


"Sign In with BurningSea.com" is login with game account - it will redirect you to a login page on "https://account.portalusgames.com/login"

First time you may be prompted whether to connect a profile or not (meaning a forum profile and a game account with the same email)
Connecting the two may require confirmation by password (that would be the forum profile password)

I have tested this within possibilities of an everyday life and a full-time job - meaning it is tested a couple of times, tested with 2 accounts on 2 tests-forum + this forum. I have had no issues, so don't hang me if you do :-)

After connecting a game account and profile account - I could even still login regularly with the forum profile.

Let me know if you have any issues with this, then we'll have a look and take it from there.
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