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FodderboyFodderboy (Forum Administrator)
I'd like to announce that I'm officially naming KasparK as the new Administrator for this forum.

The process of moving the forum from our previous host was a difficult one that encountered numerous issues that were beyond my skill set to resolve. Even with the help of two different tech support teams constant issues were encountered until I reached out to KasparK and asked for any advice or suggestions he may have been able to offer. KasparK has been a volunteer assistant with the Vanilla version of the forum from the start and was familiar with what may be causing the issues so he seemed the logical choice to ask. In a very short time he quickly proved more helpful than all the tech support being offered by the hosting services and it was with further empowerment that he was able to restore this forum to service. I can say safely that I have no idea how much longer it would have taken for the forum to be restored without his help. He really deserves all the credit for getting the forum operational again.

Over the past few weeks KasparK has only continued to demonstrate his skill with the forum and also his desire to add improvements and more directly resolve issues. Since this forum is now a private forum (not part of Portalus) I am able to pass the administrator role to a community volunteer. KasparK's knowledge, demonstrated skill and dedication to forum operations make him the obvious choice for a new administrator for me. I will retain administrative privileges but only plan to serve as a backup/assistant to KasparK when needed.

I feel very comfortable allowing KasparK to take the forum reins as I'm confident he will be able to do more, better and faster than I ever could. I look forward to seeing what new improvements and features he may bring to the forum and I hope you all can welcome him as I do to his new role as the Forum Administrator.


  • KasparKKasparK (Helmsmen)
    Thank you, Fodderboy.

    I would like to give a quick run down of what have been going on.

    As it was needed to move the forum to a new provider as preparation for the transition to a non-profit-organization and with Hamled more or less out of the picture another forum administrator was needed.
    I was asked and happily accepted the task.

    At first I had no part of the migration/restoration of the forum. A new provider was already found – so all that could be done was to wait.

    The first hosting provider could not restore the export data, so an almost frantic search for a new provider began.
    While suggesting a new provider(which came to be our new provider) – I also started setting up a new forum. (see attachments).
    The new provider was supplied with the export data from the old provider.
    Some data issues delayed the forum restoration.

    August 16th
    The forum was restored (so I stopped doing any more work on the potential backup forum).
    Sadly login did not work properly.

    I think I spammed Fodderboy with links and suggestion to fix the issue.

    August 23th
    I was given access to the backend of the forum, so I could look over things myself. (Due to time zone differences, work and other real life responsibilities I was first able to really look into stuff at evening of the 24th)

    At the same time the provider contacted Fodderboy – a database had not been properly configured during the restoration. They had fixed it.(No change to the login issue).
    The provider also informed that an update for the forum had been released.
    The provider suggested making a backup and updating the forum. Due to data size(the initial export files and the imported data) the backup could not be done - maxed out storage limit.

    August 24th
    I suggested a fix to circumvent the login issue.

    August 25th
    I was asked to make the changes I beleived was needed.
    I checked out the 3 native SSO solutions in Vanilla – no dice. Disabled SSO, login ok.

    Even with the export-file removed a backup was still going over the storage max.
    This is due to the size of the uploads-folder(~46.000 files) and that the automatic backup makes an full account backup.
    (The ~46.000 files might be interesting for the restoration of sails and flags project – more about this later).

    Exceeding the storage max was allowed by our hosting provider.

    August 26th - 27th
    Added a theme-package, checked out the functions/features natively in Vanilla. Enabled Quotes, Formatting options, Avatar Icons, spam blocker and various setup
    changed the standard ”Howdy, Stranger” to "Ahoy Captain".
    Requested a registration for reCaptcha from Fodderboy.
    Configured ReCaptcha.

    Tested out the update on a cloned forum.

    I encountered an accessibility issue in the evening. Disabled everything that had been enabled – no change.
    Next morning, no change – found there was a DNS-server issue near my geographical location.
    Evening, no change – DNS issue was solved. Went back and troubleshooted A to Z.
    Found that a privacy/security-change(which I had missed when I disabled everything the night before) causes access-issue when the forum is in maintenance-mode (bug confirmed on several version, bug reported to Vanilla).

    Finished a crash’n’burn fast setup of the forum.

    Re-tested update on a newly cloned forum.
    I made a manual backup of the database and the forum files.
    Updated forum.

    August 28th
    Disabled email-adresses showing.
    (Profiles pictures did not load for all profiles. That had to go in the backburner)
    August 29th – As we now had a forum up and running and the forum had been down 37 days we opened the forum after a quick run over/check.

    Since the opening:
    Alot of functionality that was provided by the old hosting service was missing. So my search to bring some of it back began.
    I have skimmed over about 600 function/feature packages. Some where relevant, close to 100 have been tested, most did either not provide what it promised/we needed, did not work or actually broke the forum.

    Restored profile pictures, database addressing corrected.
    Added troll-mark function. Former marked profiles extracted from database – remarked.
    Restored theme – data extracted from database. (This also solved the pagination issue).
    Fixed error when searching, configuration change.
    Fodderboy kept getting mails about password resets. Ascertained that they related to profiles created prior to 2013 that do not have an actual email registred – only a ID number.
    It was not allowed to change profile picture after profile creation – permission corrected.
    Added security feature disabling login via username. Email is to be used.
    Added function to allow for space in a username.
    Administration function Move/split thread(s)/post(s) added.
    Added ”Post edited by 'User' on 'Date'”-feature.
    Disabled unused functions that can break various themes.
    Added title/rank feature - (Forum Administrator) or (Forum Moderator) next to username.
    Added feature so posts/thread show ”X minutes/hours/days/months ago” instead of date and time (date and time can be shown by hovering.

    Not sure I remembered everything.

    I also need to give an apology to a couple of ppl:
    Since the reopening of the forum I have posted/replyed stuff like "reported it to Fodderboy", "hosting provider fix it" or similar. Well, I fixed it :-)
    I have a job, life/social life like everyone else and simply needed time to go over issues in peace and quite on my own time.
    Sorry about that.

    Current and the close future:
    - Right now I’m working on restoring SSO-login (login directly with game-account) – it is possible.
    I have had time to look at some of the ~46.000 files in the uploads-folder – most are in-game screenshot or uploads for profiles picture but some are sails and flags :-)

    - There have been released a new update for the forum - which needs to be handled.
    - This requires a maintenance down-time so it is postphoned for the moment.

    A bit down the road:
    - There might some additional features we could use. Initially I did not explore everything - that will be revisited.
    - An idea I’d like to explore is Society sub-sections on forum for a small fee.

    The promised screenshots of a potential backup forum.

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