PotBS forum unavailable

FodderboyFodderboy (Forum Administrator)
We are going to need to take our forum down for a few days this week as we are going to be changing our hosting service. The Vanilla hosted forum will be available throughout today and a short portion of tomorrow before being taken down. Once the forum has been taken down Vanilla will prepare the existing forum data for export and once we receive that export file from Vanilla we can begin integrating the data into the new hosting service. We will take this opportunity to do some clean up on the forum by archiving some older content and making some structural changes. Vanilla has informed us that the export file will not be ready before Tuesday of the coming week meaning the forum will be down for a minimum of two days. We hope to be able to complete our transition work during those two days but cannot be certain the work will be completed within that time. Updates regarding our change of hosting services will be posted on the Portalus website found here: http://portalusgames.com/ after Vanilla service has ceased.
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