In-Game Rules Update 2018/3/24

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We have updated our In-Game rules. We strongly recommend all players review these changes found here:

Changes have been made to the following sections of the game rules:

- The initial note from the top of the rule page has been incorporated into the Chat rules as the note pertained to chat behavior. There is no change to the rule as it has been applied.

- The Un-delete rules have been renamed Deleted Characters and the rules reworded to be more concise. There have been no changes to deleted character recovery.

- The Multiple Accounts rule section has been completely re-written and contains new rules regarding numbers of accounts allowed logged in at once and simultaneously. The new contents of this section of the rules is as follows:

Players may use multiple game accounts. When using multiple accounts account holders must adhere to the following restrictions:

1. No more than 4 accounts may be logged in from a single IP address/account holder simultaneously.

2. No more than 3 accounts from a single account holder may be logged in at the same time on the same server (Test server excluded).

3. No more than 2 accounts from a single account holder may be in ANY combat zone(red zone / port battle / blockading / patrolling), including the port within a combat zone.

4. If any account has a character in ANY combat zone (red zone / PvP Flag / port battle / blockading / patrolling), including the port within a combat zone, all accounts logged in on the same server must be in the same nation (Skirmish and Duel excluded).

5. An account holder may not participate on both sides of a port battle. If you receive an invite to multiple nations for the same port battle, you may only accept one of those invitations and must decline the other.

6. If an account holder has a character who is a governor then all governors on associated accounts (alt governors) must be in the same nation. If an account holder wishes to change the nation of their governor(s) then all governor positions must resign, during the same conquest map cycle, before starting or bidding in a governor election in a new nation. Account holders may not participate in building unrest on ports which they govern.

7. Multiple accounts may not be used to circumvent, exploit or manipulate game mechanics to negatively impact the game or design intent. Portalus Games will determine negative impact by server analysis and may utilize this rule at our discretion.

8. Account holders may not use excessive numbers of accounts for game play.
- Use of more than 4 accounts without account upgrades will be considered excessive. Account holders may use up to 6 additional accounts if the additional accounts have account upgrades.
- If an account holder exceeds 10 accounts all accounts must be fully upgraded (all economy and character account upgrade options added).
- A player may use no more than 20 accounts in total regardless of upgrade status.
- Legacy Captain's Club accounts are considered fully upgraded.

9. Account holders exceeding the limitations in Rule 8 prior to March 24, 2018 will have account numbers given grandfather status. Account holders found in violation of rules will have their grandfather status removed and be subject to account reduction until in compliance with this rule.

10. Players wishing to exceed the multiple account limitation restrictions for special events, assistance programs or other activities that may benefit the game community overall may request a limitation waiver by contacting customer service at

- Regarding Rule 6 we will allow a few days for governors currently in rule violation status to resign from governor positions until all governors are in the same nation. If customer service determines a governor is absent or deliberately avoiding resignation customer service will remove governors from their positions.

- Regarding Rules 9 and 10 we are aware there are players who are currently possess more accounts than these rules allow. As these account numbers were accumulated prior to these restrictions those account numbers will be granted a grandfather status and players will be able to maintain them without penalty. This status however will be forfeit if an account holder is found in violation of ANY game rule.

* The Chat Behavior section has been re-worded and expanded for clarification. It contains no rule changes to how they have been applied.

* The Penalties section has been re-worded and expanded for clarification. It contains no rule changes to how they have been applied.

For additional clarification or questions regarding these rules please contact customer service at .
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    We have updated the above rules after review of questions submitted to customer service regarding them. Some comments regarding the most common questions are provided below.

    - Players do not need to submit lists of accounts or begin abandoning accounts due to the stated limits regarding account numbers in these rules. No action is required by players and account numbers will only be examined when a rule violation forces customer service to examine all the associated accounts. Please note that the addition of new accounts by an account holder already over the stated limits in these rules constitutes a new rule violation not covered by the grandfather status of previous accounts.

    - Customer service considers the PvP flag on a character as a combat zone and the rule page has been modified to reflect this. A player who is PvP flagged no longer has control over when their characters will enter the combat zone created by their PvP flag. If a player has PvP flags on for more than one nation at a time they can be forced into a rule violation state by having both characters entered into combat zones by actions of other players. To avoid this state we require that all PvP flagged characters logged in at the same time be of the same nation.

    -Fleeting for unrest prior to the appearance of the Pirate PvP zone is not considered a combat zone. Once the Pirate PvP red zone appears on the map players exceeding maximum number of accounts in the combat zone are expected to immediately take action to be in compliance. Reasonable time will be allowed to clear the zone from its appearance before an account holder will be considered in violation of the rules.
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