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Q. Can I use any Macro programs, bots or any other third party programs to partake in activities whilst I am away from my computer?

A. No, you cannot. As part of creating an account for Pirates of the Burning Sea you agreed to the EULA which contains at point 9

You may not use any software to modify the Software to change Game play. You may not create, facilitate, host, link to or provide any other means through which the Game may be played by others, such as through server emulators. You may not decrypt or modify any data transmitted between client and server and you may not use, post, host or distribute macros, “bots” or other programs which would allow unattended game play or which otherwise impact game play. You may not take any action which imposes an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on our or our licensees’ or agents’ infrastructure. You may not buy, sell or auction (or host or facilitate the ability to allow others to buy, sell or auction) any Game account, characters, items, coin, Virtual Property or copyrighted material or any other intellectual property owned or controlled by us or our licensors without first obtaining our express written permission.

Link here

Additionally it is against the in-game rules to use any third party program to partake in any activities whilst you are away from keyboard which is stated here

It states the following;

You may not participate in game play while away from the keyboard. This includes all activities where there is a reasonable expectation that a player is at the keyboard when participating in them, (any activity requiring response from the player). We may at our discretion forcibly disconnect characters that are left logged in excessively in an AFK status. Depending on severity and/or repeated offenses accounts can be subject to suspension, forfeiture or ban for engaging in game play while in AFK status.

Additionally there have been questions regarding this.

Q. Does this mean I cannot AFK sail during hauling etc?

A. No. You can simply do the AFK activities such as hauling from 1 port to another etc, but do not use any Macros, bots or any other third party similar to those.


Communication Software such as;
Teamspeak 3
And others can be used providing it does not controll the in-game screen.

If any other information is required it will be added below the following line.
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