A new players beginners guide - Managing Sails

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A ship's sails are the most important part of a sailing ship, so don't neglect them. You can raise and lower your sails with the click of a button, so take advantage of this feature.

The Acceleration of Scout Ships allows them to make frequent changes to their sails. If you're sailing a Scout Ship, consider lowering the sails for a shot (Accuracy goes up at slower speeds), then raise the sails right afterwards. Try adjusting your Scout Ship's speed, bring it to a stop, turn around, and go a different direction. Because of their high Acceleration value, Scout Ships suffer little from slowing.

If you are sailing a Warship, you should monitor the speed closely. Keep the average speed around 50% of Max Speed or higher. Do not adjust the sails too often as the Acceleration of a Warship is much lower.

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