A new players beginners guide - Sailing Terminology

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Because sailing is a unique activity, our normal language doesn't quite fit. That is, we don't generally talk about turning to face 90° from the direction that the wind is blowing, unless we're referring to sailing. For this reason you may find sailing terminology useful when learning sailing techniques or when describing maneuvers to other players. Here is a list of common sailing terminology:

Upwind—in the direction from which the wind is blowing; the red area on the Wind Indicator.
Luffing—a very narrow angle between Close Haul and Upwind, at the very edge of sailing Upwind.
Close Haul—at the edge of sailing upwind. The Close Haul angle is different for each ship (varying from 30 – 50°).
Beam Reach—perpendicular (90°) to the wind.
Broad Reach—the wind is coming from behind the ship at an angle; located between Beam Reach and Running (specifically 135°).
Running—wind is coming from directly behind the ship.

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