A new players beginners guide - Open Sea Sailing

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Sailing on the Open Sea is much different than the sailing that is done in combat. While many of the details we discuss in this guide are relevant to both types of sailing, many details are a bit different when sailing in Open Sea.

Speed—while a ship's Max Speed in combat might only be 16 knots (kn), its Max Speed on the Open Sea could be 60 kn. Acceleration will also be different on the Open Sea. Because of these differences, your ship may still go at a decent speed even when it's pointed in the red (upwind).

Be alert in Red Circles—we discuss Red Circles (AKA PvP Zones) in-depth in conquest guide, but essentially Red Circles are areas surrounding ports where Player vs. Player battles take place. When sailing through these areas stay alert for opponents and try to keep your speed up by maneuvering as little as possible. If you have a higher speed, attackers will have a harder time catching up to you.

Currents can give you a speed boost—sailing through the Open Sea can be time consuming, so we recommend looking out for currents (see the image to the right for more information on what currents look like). If you sail over currents your ship will get a bit of a speed boost for a little while. In order to keep this boost, you should continue sailing within 90° of the direction the current is pointing. That is, if the current is pointing northwest, then you can sail northwest, west, or southwest. Sailing over additional currents will restart the timer for the speed boost.

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  • Does close haul speed etc affect open sea sailing? Ie, a ship with better close haul speeds sail better into the wind in open sea sailing too?
  • It affects in an instance as well as the open sea. It honestly depends on which ship you sail to which direction would be best for that ship.
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