A new players beginners guide - Speed and Acceleration

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Each ship has various stats that affect how it feels to sail it. These stats can be found on any Ship Deed. You can look at any Ship Deed by checking in the in-game Help:

On the Toolbar click on the Options button Options Button. The Options window will appear.
On the Options window click on the Help button. The Help window will appear. You should be looking at the Home page of the Help menu.

Note: you may have to click the Home button on the Help window to return to the Home page.
On the Help window scroll down and click on Ship Deeds. You will now be presented with a list of most every Ship Deed in the game.

To find out more about a particular Ship Deed simply click on it.

This is essentially a speedometer for your ship. It shows how many knots your ship is doing. To determine how a ship will feel, two of the most important stats to understand are Max Speed and Acceleration:

Max Speed—this stat is a little deceptive. Essentially this is the fastest your ship can sail without class bonuses, outfitting, skills, etc. (all of which can make your ship exceed this Max Speed). Also, your ship will not usually travel at this speed. Your ship will feel slow even if the Max Speed is high, but the Acceleration is low.

Acceleration—the higher a ship's acceleration, the faster the ship will feel. A ship with an Acceleration value at or around 1 will feel very slow. A ship with an Acceleration value of 3.5 and above will feel quick. Ships with high Acceleration values can turn more frequently and make more mistakes in combat.

A ship with a Max Speed value of 15 and an Acceleration value of 3 will feel faster overall than a ship with a Max Speed value of 17 and an Acceleration value of 1. The ship with the higher Acceleration value is able to ramp up its speed much faster, making the ship far more maneuverable and resilient to any errors its captain makes.

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