Which server is right for me?

Jack O'ConnerJack O'Conner (Helmsmen)
I have been inactive from in game since August 2016 so I do apologise if this is inaccurate

Q. "Which server should I choose?"

A. This all depends on preference.

- Antigua -
Antigua is an US specific server which populates mainly US players. Although it may be US specific it does not mean you cannot play on that server, this is more of a guide for players to meet people with similar languages to make it a respectable playing experience. Antigua also has most of the English speaking players but do not be put off by it if you understand English yourself! Every nation has many friendly players that will assist you with whatever you need to get started or to guide you in the right direction if you get stuck on your travels.

- Roberts -

Roberts server is based on the European continent from English players to Russian players and so fourth. Roberts is a server with mixed ethnics, languages and more. This server is based on the Greenwich Mean Time time zone aka GMT. This might suit players more for time zones or even RvR or PvP that interest players. There are many players that would help others on this server. I feel that the Roberts server is more of a quiet server to Antigua but popularity is dependant on preferences.

- Test Server

Test server/Testbed is a server where there is more or less no limits to what you do, there are many different things to do on test server other than test server, you can level up to level 50 for free at no cost. You just obtain the XP books from the treasure aisle via the port captain on any dock.

PLEASE NOTE - Characters on test server cannot be transferred to Antigua or Roberts.

Test server is a pretty quiet server to do whatever you wish to do. Try out ships before you buy on Antigua or Roberts to see how economy works before attempting it on live servers.
If I have missed anything please PM me so I can edit changes on this post

I hope this helps players in the future.
Fair winds!
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