Question: What is a disconnect?
Answer: Generally speaking a discconnect is when you are kicked back to the server selection / login screen.

Question: What causes a disconnect?
Answer: Disconnections are usually caused by a failure or insufficient performance from any of the connection points from the PC to the game servers. Connection failures can be caused by the connection from the PC to the internet, the client's ISP, the internet infrastructure, the server's ISP and the connection from the server's ISP to the physical game servers.

Question: The game just shut down - is that a disconnect?
Answer: That sounds like a Game Crash - go here for help.

Question: How can I avoid disconnects?
  • Playing via wifi can often result in disconnects. If possible avoid wifi when playing - prefer a cabled connection.
  • Stop / disable various services/programs the may be streaming video or music.
  • Stop / disable various download services, windows updates or other games updating etc.



Question: How can I troubleshoot disconnects?
Answer: First figure out what's causing the issue.
Check whether you can connect online at all (open a browser, go to google as an example).
Tracing the connection route from you to the gameserver could reveal the cause.
Press 'Window-Logo'+'R' ('Run' window opens).
Enter cmd - Press enter. (Command-prompt Window opens)
Copy&Paste the following command:

'tracert sd.live.burningsea.com'
(In Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts work. In earlier version use Right click > Paste/Insert).

Press enter to start the trace.

Copy&Paste the information and include it in your post in the 'Game Help'-section.

Question: What does it do ?
Answer: The command traces the route from you to the Game Server, while measuríng the time it takes to get a respons from every point you connection travels via and list the information about the points and response times.
This might reveale causes to your issue. 'Request timed out' is not good, but is not necessarily the cause.
The trace starts with 1. being you and the last entry(number may vary) should be "unassigned.calpop.com []".

A trace can also be performed here:

Question: What other actions can I take?
  • Restart your router.
  • Restart your pc (Windows 8/8.1 and 10 starts via FastBoot-mode as a standard - an actual restart is only performed when 'Restart' is selected in the Shutdown-menu).
  • Monitor traffic to and from your computer - avoid/cleanout/disable unneeded traffic while playing.
  • Voicecomm-services may interfer.


Question: I got disconnected while playing and lost in-game items - what can I do?
Answer: Portalus will reimburse for reported major in-game losses (e.g. ship dura, outfittings, premium items) due to server connection issues only between the server's ISP and the servers themselves.

Disconnections originating from issues in internet infrastructure, client ISP or client internet connection or home network are not reimbursed.

Reporting disconnections will allow investigation to determine if the disconnection originated at the server or its ISP.
We cannot provide information regarding the other possible failure points due to insufficient data and accordingly cannot provide much information for troubleshooting outside our server connections.

  1. Server-name
  2. Account-name
  3. Character-name
  4. Lost item-name
  5. Attach logfiles. How To: Log Files
Send it to: customerservice@portalusgames.com

Question: This didn't cover what I wanted to know?
Answer: Sry, but we are still here to help you.:
Refer to the other FAQ-posts or post your question here: 'Game-Help'-section.

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