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Portalus Store.

Question : How do I get Burning Sea Notes - I can't find a way in-game to do so ?
Answer : You'll have to visit the Portalus Store online. Treasure Aisle does not currently lead to the 'Portalus Store' from in-game menus.

Here is a direct link: https://account.portalusgames.com/store

Question : How do I do it?
Answer :
  • 1. Log in.
  • 2. Select Server.
  • 3. Select your desired 'goodies' ;-)
  • 4. Select from the available PayPal-options.
  • BE AWARE: The first character/toon(on the account you logged in during the purchase) you log on after the purchase will get the purchased items.
Some delay may occur.

"Certain payment types or payments from certain countries are placed on hold by PayPal until the payment has cleared the banks. The system will not process the BSN delivery until PayPal says the payment is complete. Payments in a "Hold" or "Pending" status will not receive their Notes until those statuses are resolved."

Question : How are payments performed, what are the options?
Answer : Payments are handled and processed by PayPal.
For some countries it is possible to pay with your card directly via Paypal.
If not - a PayPal account is required. Create one here.

Question : Can't I pay with my debit card directly in the Portalus Store?
Answer : No, that is not possible - you can however add your debit card or bank account to your PayPal account. You can also make bank transferrals to your PayPal account.
When the bank transferral is confirmed, you need to convert the required amount into USD.

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