KasparKKasparK (Helmsmen)


Tutorial: Claim Prize:
Upon finishing the tutorial you will be instructed to return to your career trainer in Vera Cruz.
You must go to Barilla instead...

On generel basis - could be a random mission:
In the rare case it is not possible to turn in a mission - you must contact Portalus Customer Service:
(in order to turn in a mission that gives reward items or to use a Mission Reward Exchange - it is required that you have free space in your inventory.)

A specific case:
Question: "I was doing the Jaqueme missions. At one point I have no more available missions in Jaqueme, no more in Leogane and I still didn't get the mission for Somerset (I was there and no missions as well). I think this is a bug, because there is a ! on the Gyasi Sel's Shack, but when I get inside noone is giving me any missions."

Answer: "This is categorized as a "lost in chain" issue for customer service. Almost invariably there is a missing mission from somewhere previous in the chain. It will take customer service to help with this issue.

To determine what mission is missing we will need to access the character while you are offline to pull the mission history off of the character. It would be helpful if you can provide a time frame when you are normally offline (with the time zone) so we can schedule time to access the character. Please note this service must be balanced with other service requests so response time throughout the process may be interrupted by higher priority service requests."


Provide the following information:
  • Account-name
  • Server
  • Toon-name
  • Mission-name
  • A time frame when you are normally offline(with the time zone)
  • A short description.

Question: This didn't solve my problem, now what?
Answer: Sry, but we are still here to help you.:
Please post a detailed description about your issue here: 'Game-Help'-section.

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