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Account - Mail / Login / Password.

Question: Where do I create an account / signup?
Answer: Register / Signup

If you have problems while creating your in-game character - then just create the character with the standard look (it can be customized once it's created). Make sure the right server, class and name is selected/entered - before creating.

Question: Why can't I login?
Answer: Several reason may be relevant:
  1. You are using the wrong password / forgot your password: Use the correct password / reset password (see below).
  2. You did not migrate your account from SOE/FLS to Portalus, during the timeframe back in 2013 Further info here.
  3. Your account may be banned. Contact 'Portalus Customer Service' via mail. This can / will not be handled / discussed on the forum. Customer Service will be the sole arbiters of this process, however you may file an appeal to any warning or ban by contacting

Reset Password:
Go to
A mail with a reset link will be send to the specified mail-address.
Make sure to check in your Mail Junk/Spam folder. Some delay may occour.


Change Mail:

Forgot username(s):


PotBS Login Screen:
Question: Why are there no servers shown in the login/server select windows?
A: You are not able to get a connection from you to the game servers.
To check that go here.

B: All servers are offline / completely shutdown due to maintenance or an unforseen issue have occurred.
Information and updates about maintenance or issues can be found in Announcements.

C: An update / patch have been applied.
Updating / patching at the servers often require you to update / patch aswell. Get the latest installer here or here.

Question: Why are servers shown as 'Locked' or 'Offline'?
'Locked' before maintenance: 'Locked' state is initialised at least 20 minutes prior to a planned outage / maintenance. See Announcements.
'Locked' after maintenance: After maintenance servers will be 'Locked' while testing is in progress. In general this means servers are about to come online - unless unforseen issues are found. See Announcements.
'Offline': This means that the Login Server is online but the game server(s) - Antigua, Roberts and/or Test server(s), which ever is listed as 'Offline', is completely shut off.

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