Potbs Fairfax Hunting Guide

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Hunting Fairfax Pirates can be a lucrative but sometimes tedious task. And it's a great way for new level 50s or even veterans to make doubloons.
Fairfax are a group of rogue scientists and scholars applying their skills to piracy. They carry some of the most sought after items in the game that are used in the construction of the largest ships like the "Victory" 1st Rate. There's a trick to improve your chances.
Watch the how-to video above or read the steps below to get started making your fortunes!

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  • Thanks for sharing. I usually sink fairfax wether or not a named boss is there; never thought about popping out and then back in if there is no boss.
  • I love seeing my old society's website still being used. Thank you Celia for keeping it up and running. Good stuff.

    Anyway, the catch and release method works but not always. It occasionally takes two or three times to get results and typically the only boss I get is Celsius. I'd also recommend bringing a friend or alt along with you while hunting for Fairfax or Dread Saints. This will increase your chances to pick up extra prisoners if nothing else. Perhaps due to Spain's Underdog status bonus but yesterday I averaged two prisoners per boss and some nice drops including a Binnacle and a Bilge Pump.
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  • Doesn't being or bringing a Privateer help too? Something to do with loot bonus IIRC.
  • Well we do get the "Plunder" skill which gets us more doubloons from npcs. I always have a Privateer and Free Trader in my little group at least (my alts) then take along newer players if they want. I remember a brand new player dicing and getting his first Bilge Pump back when they sold for a few million. He was only sailing a fallback at the time. Made his day.
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    La Espada de San Miguel
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