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Potbs Guides Website is still active and will be updated.

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  • The issue i'm having here are those ships with "Coming Soon" They have been like that for some time now.
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    If you can provide screenshots with side view of ships that are missing I can update images. Use drop box to share files. I do not have access to some ships and can't take screenshots.
  • There is a post with all the ship stats somewhere on google docs. I don't think pictures are necessarily needed. But a nice thing to have none the less.

    Instead of spamming multiple posts about 1 website possibly just put the website link in and explain what it is. Would be better for many people so we don't have to keep going to the same link but a different category multiple times.
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    Specific post for each category is much easier for new players. Also, ship picture is a must. Players will need to know what they are buying and how it looks like.
  • In my way of gaming it's never about the looks. It could be a ugly looking thing. But boy it could kick some beef with it. It's more of statistic reading on the ship info sheet than anything else. Never about looks.
  • Gruesome, people want to know what the ships look like, plain and simple. One of the most common questions once a ship debuts is "What ship model is it?", so to not have the photo once you've done all that work seems a bit slipshod.
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  • I think you misunderstood me Finchy, I gave my view on what I do that was all. I was not in anyway saying it was the right or wrong way to show the ships or not to show ships. I do hope you understand where I am coming from.
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    People like pictures so I agree they would be helpful getting and keeping their attention. For me I always look at the stats to see what the ship can do when they're first introduced. I suspect most captains that have been here for a while do the same. If you need help with screenshots I have most of the new ships so drop me a line and I'll start taking photos.

    It's nice seeing my old society's website being used and referenced again. Didn't think anybody outside of the Tibs even knew about it.

    Addendum: I just clicked on that site and, yeah, that hasn't been updated since Jesus was a kid. You'd probably be better off sending people to the un-updated Wiki page since that at least has most of the new ships listed.
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