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Been sitting in the void on an idle zone server

I have been on idle zone server for about 30 minutes. Anyone else having this problem?


  • I have logged in/out several times...each time the screen returns to searching for idle zone server?
  • I usually play a couple hours or so before work. Leveling toons, giving people things, having a nice relaxing time. I had set up the current toon in San Marcos. Had hoped to level it to 50 before work....aint looking too good atm. I am still sitting on waiting for zone server.
  • same thing as you must be from the game
  • tyvm antonio... hopefully it will be fixed soon.
  • Yeah - via discord my mates tell me my toon is in the game, and I did at one point get back to login screen, but then the Searching for idle zone server message pops up. Not great arrrrr
  • Cursed SpectreCursed Spectre (Forum Moderator)
    There has been no official word yet.
  • This is day 2 and still not even a simple acknowledgement of the problem, let alone a fix. Very unprofessional. A simple, "yes were aware of the problem" would be a good start.
  • KasparKKasparK (Forum Administrator)

    Seems this caused more than just a ~20 minutes server offline.
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  • KasparKKasparK (Forum Administrator)
    Handling in progress.
    Cause unknown atm.
    To early to say anything else but seems it is not 2 clicks and done.
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  • Thursday Morning, I have one toon in SJ AH and she was able to sign in no problem, Soft taco has been sitting idle now for over 10 mins and I do think she is in sisal, is this an area or is anyone else having issues with idle zone server.?
    The most dedicated underhanded and fear inspiring evil force ever known on the Caribbean. I think a statue is in order in San Juan, don't you :)
  • KasparKKasparK (Forum Administrator)
    Servers was brought online
    Data center is investigating cause.
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  • Yes, having the same issue this morning, Thursday July 20. Just as an added note, after the problem and re-set yesterday the Port Battle time frame was adjusted and the previously scheduled Battles have been re-set to very odd times. Previously they were scheduled to start back to back, and now the times are odd.
  • maybe they cudent pay thier bills..lol
  • Cursed SpectreCursed Spectre (Forum Moderator)
    veyron said:

    maybe they cudent pay thier bills..lol

    For your information bills have been paid this week! It's a major failure that has happened. Check out at portalusgames.com
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