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Admiral’s Overhaul First-Rate

Where's the best place to get the Admiral's Overhaul First-Rate recipe?

I have always assumed the "Weather Worn Codex, 2" that teaches the recipe is a fleet drop. Is that right? Also, in my twisted memory I seem to have picked up some Admiral Overhaul First Rate consumables from Fairfax Pirates. While I am looking for the codex is that the best place to get overhauls? I would like to start going to more port battles and don't really want to carry the well-made overhauls that my Freetrader crafts.

Also, where can I find the recipes for Mast Brace and Structural Brace Well-Made. So far the only place I've found them is at the CoC trader and I don't really want them bad enough to trade in a Citation of Conquest.



  • many people produce the amirals 1st rates, and they drop from chests as well occasionally. the codex is rarer than hens teeth, but tbh with so many poeple making admirals its not a valuable item imho
    The Reapers
  • edited May 2018
    Fleets outside Santa Clara dropped me a codex. It will take you months if not years to spawn it. It was a group of 1st rates fleeting, all had bonus loot mods and books running. Second one spawned when I was fleeting by myself location is unknown.
  • Thanks! Lightning in a bottle or hens teeth, I have time.
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