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Buccaneer: Free Enterprise class mission

I'm currently level 6 attempting this mission and failing miserably. The quest reads as if I'm suppose to board a ship while they're anchored. The ships are numerous and if I get within range they hoiste their sails and attack. I can take out a couple but I quickly become overwhelmed. I've tried alpha striking also and the same results. There are simply way too many.
What am I doing wrong?


  • Sail the mission on a dolphin. Target is just to win 1 boarding combat, so no need to try sinking everybody. Rush to the first merchant,Tbone, demast, decrew, use a rough hull patch,board; after winning avcom sail straight to exit point. More info at
  • edited March 2018
    Wow, thanks so much for the reply :) will try again when I get off work
    On using a dolphyn can I sail that at level 6? I'd have to buy one if so I guess, I only have my fallback ship. I'll try and just use that because even if I can sail a dolphyn I can't afford it
  • send me a pm or write in here your server, toon name, and a time you will be on. I will give you a million and ships, or to somebody else so they can pass them on to you. Dolphin is level 5. Most ships info available at f1 or in the potbs wiki.
    cheers mate
  • thanks I sent you a pm
  • actually finished the mission tonight. i skipped a mission on how to board another ship and thats where i made my mistake. i was destroying the ships instead of disabling them. i did use the guide that you linked Sisulin, so thanks a ton
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