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Economy mission is bugged (build a warehouse and harvest raw material)

I got to the step where Im suppose to select the recipe to "hunt game" on Cat Island and he says "click on the recipe for "hunt game" and "create it" once. Let me know when you are done.
this is as far as I can get with the mission. If I do it before clicking "alright" nothing happens. If I click "alright" and then do the steps he asks, the mission doesnt update and he gives me some random dialogue about this place being a good start to whatever..

and now im out of labor because ive attempted to complete it so many times


  • edited March 2018
    I should add, I also skinned them which seemed to do nothing.
    *edit* ok.. so I relogged and went back in after regaining labor to try again and it worked this time. odd.
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