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S-Turns Vs Broadside Lock

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While leveling I’ve played my Privateer like a Naval Officer: I’ve gone “Yard Arm to Yarm Arm” against all my opponents. "Get to the Net" is the mantra of any sport. I adapted it to game play by trying to position myself as close as possible to my target.

Along the way, I’ve noticed that my Privateer isn’t my naval officer. Even when using the same ship as my NO my Privateer turns faster. Leading to the question, how do I make use of that speed, especially in PvP? Ultimately, I don't so much want to be a kiter. I want to move closer and closer to my opponent even as I maximize the advantage of my speed and minimize the advantage of his power and resilience.

I’ve read that Privateers and Cutthroats commonly use ‘S’-Turns to spread the area of the damage from one side of the ship to two. How do they do it? Is there an instructional youtube video?

Most of my experience with S-Turns have been in PvM. I position myself off the bow or the stern of the target and flip my heading after each volley. While doing this I haven’t worried about timing my flips with the volley from my opponent or avoiding the eye of the wind. Rather I’ve just tried to stay out of his firing arcs and focus my fire on his weaker bow or stern armor. My efforts have only been nominally successful. Is there a better way? Should I avoid the eye of the wind? Should I not worry about his firing arcs and just focus on timing my flips with his volleys and keeping all the damage on my broadside armor. Should I let the geometry of the encounter select a facing of his ship and coordinate my S-Turns such that I can keep pounding away at that facing? Should I only worry about this when I’m 1V1?

Many questions!

Thanks for the help.


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    Quick tip

    Absorb damage with each side equally. ex.

    1. Bow 2. Left side 3. Right side 4. Stern only when far away. Rotate all the time. Fire flip, steal wind, maintain wind, try to hit stern.
    2. Fire and switch to defensive skills. Read what gives + defense, resistance. Always rotate skills.
    3. Timing. Time from first enemy broadside to second broadside will give you a clear picture how long is your window. Use that window to switch sides and get a better position.

    4. Timing repairs and their repair amount. Calculate total armor+structure HP and know how and when to repair.

    S - maneuver is used when stern camping or kiting. If wind is behind you all you do is S maneuver. If wind is in your face then you can't S maneuver and need to steal it.
  • Quick tip

    S - maneuver is used when stern camping or kiting. If wind is behind you all you do is S maneuver. If wind is in your face then you can't S maneuver and need to steal it.

    Bit of a Necro, but for any future readers. My main's a Privateer and has been since pre-boarding and I've always used S-turns both in PvE and PvP.

    You want to outfit your ship with everything you can to up your battle turn number's, so look for rudder add's for the general area and mast outfittings. Also anything you can find that'll help with sailing close to the wind. Also click on the maneuver focus to assist in upping your turning speed when you enter battle.

    If you set your ship up correctly conducting S-turns while the wind is in your face is no problem as you'll swing through the eye quickly.

    Going for the bow or stern in Pvp is ideal and very doable if you have someone else with you, but I've pounded away on just the side armor too and came out the winner. You do have to be careful not to take too many hits on your bow. Having the 'reinforced bow armor' add in a general outfitting slot can help with that.

    And of course the odd's are in your favor in PvE situations as your target rarely maneuver's so you'd be pounding just on 1 side while you're taking his hit's on both of yours spreading the damage out.
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