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Noob Questions on Game Builds and Mods

What build do you use for your privateer?

I’m leveling a Privateer and am trying to learn how to play him. To me, that stats with learning the skills that great players are using and determining how and when to use them.

How do you use your build? For me I open combat by popping Defense and Crew Focus: Sailing. Then I position myself into a good firing position. At that point I'll pop Tracking Shot to buff my damage and Crew Focus Gunnery to buff my tracking, damage and reload rate. Then I'll move into a zone where I'm highly accurate and yard arm to yard arm. Then I'll pop Death's Embrace to further buff my damage. After that I'll cycle though Surprise Attack, All or Nothing Shot and Death's Embrace to try to keep my buff up at all times.

My guess is that I could be doing something much wiser. I just don't know what. At this point I have no outfitting on my ships.
I’m a 20th level privateer on Antigua.

Thanks for the help!


  • research these

  • Depends on your playstyle...
    But overall what you must always do is rotate between the unpredictabilities,offense when shooting resistance when getting shot at

    also time repairs is the N1 key
  • Thanks Flag,

    Really, how do you time them?

    Rotating skills works great!
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