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  • Is there gonna be a GM there to stop the spamming on local chat? cos everytime ive had to abandon it due to this.... Also i work weekend evenings, so cant listen in on voice, is it a voice thing only, or is someone transcribing?
  • Well didnt for me, and about 5 others, so yeah. i'll stick with what woks i guess.
  • All you need to do is the following; Change your settings in-game Apply the UI placements and where you want them To be safe, wait a moment Close the game Run the PotBS.exe (NOT THE BITRAIDER LAUNCHER) Then everything should be great. Yeah, do NO…
  • i can clear this up for you probably. Its because you dont log out, but quit without logging out. Set you AI exactly how you want it. then LOG OUT (Not Quit). when the login screen appears, just exit. Restart the game, it'll be fine. Took me a long …